Who’s excited for IN-N-OUT?

NEW IN-N-OUT: The popular hamburger franchise is opening soon off of freeway exit Avenida Pico, less than a mile away from the high school. In-n-out San Clemente

Gracie Reynolds | Writer

October 21, 2022

IN-N-OUT is an all time favorite and its finally coming to San Clemente.

Yes, the rumors are true.

That empty office building space was quickly taken over by the the new, gigantic, white IN-N-OUT building. Many love getting the classic burger, with fries and the all time delicious shake. This meal has been peoples favorites for the past seventy-four years.

TWO ANGLES of what seems to be the brand new IN-N-OUT. In-n-out San Clemente

From driving about twenty- twenty-five minutes away to get this meal after every football game it will definitely be a drastic change. It will continue to cause the streets of San Clemente to increase with the amount of activity. You thought high school traffic was bad. No, just think most  every high schooler will either walk or drive to this new hang out spot. Since it is less than one mile from the high school it will be an extremely simple walk. 

Who knew that even the taste of one just one simple hamburger could bring many of local customers in. “Bringing the new big attraction to the city will cause excitement because of one so close to home and to our school,” junior Brooklyn Bailey exclaimed. As this topic is starting to get brought up more and more the enthrallment that moves through the air will be shown as the building is close to being finished. 

FLOOR PLAN: the general area of where IN-N-OUT will be located https://www.san-clemente.org/












This new hang out spot will bring not only the locals in, but also many who visit San Clemente for its tourist attractions. “Its going to be my new holy grail” junior Grace Bailey states. Since we have heard an extended amount of different rumors on what is going to take over that empty space it seems like it is almost too good to be true. But, no one really knows when it is going to open. The building seems to only have a few finishing touches. But getting some permits pulled may add in a few extra steps. If it is not open by the end of this year then it should be opening up right after the beginning of this upcoming year.

Lets keep our fingers crossed that it will open up sooner than later!


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