Best Coffee Shop: Zebra House

BEST COFFEE: Entrance into the drive-through, located on El Camino Real. Gracie Reynolds

Gracie Reynolds | Writer

December 2, 2022

The sweet taste of just one little sip of coffee makes you want to come back for more. Zebra House Coffee shop located on El Camino Real is voted one of the best in town by San Clemente high school students. That welcoming vibe brings in many of the local customers or even tourists who are exploring our town. Having an accessible drive-through makes it even more convincing for everyone, to get that quick and easy service.

And if you don’t drink coffee, that’s okay! They have many different drink options on their menu, like, teas, smoothies, hot chocolate, etc. They also have a huge food menu with all sorts of delicious varieties that range from just light snacks to yummy meals.

But the main attraction is how welcoming their staff is. “Because they walk your order to your car it makes you have more of an enjoyable experience” junior Josiah Armstrong states. When they bring your order out

STUNNING FOOD: the Irish cream cold brew and a banana chocolate chip muffin. Gracie Reynolds

to you it seems as if they always have a smile on their face, which contributes to a greater experience. As you walk into their shop the bright colorful artwork and furniture shows off its personality. It shows off that funky, vibey aura that it portrays. It also is a place where you can feel comfortable doing your work or have a quiet place to study, with inside and outside seating arrangements. Even while having a tiny parking lot, which can be hard, Zebra somehow finds a way to make it work, and have found certain places where you can park your vehicle or bicycle safely.

The name of this outstanding place somewhat shows off the perfect representation of how Zebra House is really described. Of course, there are no zebras to look at inside the shop but there are many different types of representations that give off that vibe.

Not just because Zebra House is one of the best coffee shops in town but because it has an overall welcoming feeling, you definitely should take some time and maybe swing by the drive-through and give it a try!

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  1. What and awesome article Gracie! You’re so amazing! Makes me want to go there this morning! I love you!
    Aunt Gail

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