Best donuts: Surfin’ Donuts Coffee House

SURFIN’ DONUTS Coffee House: selling fresh baked goods since 1998! Nicolle Generaux

Nicolle Generaux | Newsroom Manager

December 2, 2022

Looking for the perfect spot to purchase a fluffy, flavorful, delicious donut in San Clemente? Or maybe a quick morning coffee with a crispy breakfast croissant? If so, San Clemente High School can only recommend the best: Surfin’ Donuts Coffee House, located right off the freeway on Camino Real. 

GLAZED, chocolate and vanilla swirl donuts: can it get any better? Nicolle Generaux

For almost 25 years, this charming bakery has been delighting people with its wide variety of early meal and brunch selections. Locals and tourists alike come here because of its exceedingly high ratings as well as its relatively short distance from the beach.

Plus, the environment is extremely inviting: immediately entering the store, you are met with bright colors of baked goods and the sweet, irresistible smell of fresh donuts. The hanging menu tells of all the choices available: teas, coffees, ham and cheese croissants, bagel sandwiches, rich dark chocolate donuts, an array of glazed twists, cinnamon rolls and more. 

But what keeps bringing everyone back is the quality of the food. No matter what item is bought, this bakery never seems to disappoint with its freshness, textures, and overall taste. 

“My favorite donut there is the maple bar,” commented sophomore Coco Bush, “it’s soft, fluffy, the frosting is thick, and it is flavorful but it’s not too overwhelming.” 

Although some say Rose Donuts and Cafe rivals this establishment, this year SCHS agrees that  Surfin’ Donuts Coffee House reigns supreme. 

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