Starbucks closures combat with Fall drink fanatics

PSL IS FINALLY HERE! Everyone is rushing to Starbies to check out the Fall menu. (Today Show)

Gracie Reynolds | Writer & Jenna Forss | Writer

August 29, 2023

You walk into your daily morning pit stop to be hit with the cold AC and a waft of coffee beans. A quick swipe from the counter, and your mobile order is acquired. You’re about to experience the cheesy stamped –but too real– saying on the front of every Starbucks cup talking about “that first sip feeling.” Starting on August 23, Starbucks has released its legendary fall menu, full of pumpkin spice and apple flavors, to make a hot summer replicate a cozy fall day.

Some of the delicious treats you will find on the Starbucks fall menu include:

  • Pumpkin Spice Latte

-The first sip is immaculate; it gives you a vast vision of the fall season that is coming around the corner. Ingredients are pumpkin syrup, milk of your choice, espresso shots, and whipped cream topped with pumpkin powder.

  • Pumpkin Cream Chai Tea Latte
PUMPKIN SPICE COLD FOAM: You have to taste it to believe it. (Hip2Save)

The normal chai latte with a hint of pumpkin. Ingredients are chai tea, milk of your choice, and pumpkin spice cream foam.

  • Apple Crisp Macchiato 

If you like the cereal-flavored apple jacks, this drink is for you! Ingredients are apple crisp syrup, milk of your choice, and espresso shots mixed with apple crispy drizzle. 

  • Baked apple croissant 

It tastes like a mini apple pie that melts into your mouth.

  • Pumpkin cream cheese muffin 

This muffin has all the right ingredients: sweet but also a mild side, including seeds. 

  • Pumpkin loaf 

The loaf reminds you if you baked it at home and it is fresh out of the oven. 

Despite these new drinks and treats being dropped in the Southern California summer heat, there is still an impressive demand for these fall flavors. Senior Kendall Hood stated she has “had these drinks more than three times this week!” But to the dismay of Starbucks workers and loyal customers, the wait times for these drinks will continue to lengthen. 

Starbucks workers, some of which are students at San Clemente High School, are currently distressed about the lack of labor hours that local stores are distributing. In our specific Starbucks district, they are cutting down labor hours to particular locations, making wait times extra long for this upcoming season due to a lack of employees during shifts. This resulted in the closure of a local favorite place among students, the store on Pico and La Pata. Senior Mika Kuhne expressed dismay about this fiasco, explaining that it “messed up my morning routine.”

Starbucks is such an expansive franchise with a wide fan base that it should be able to support more labor hours for its employees. We can only hope they enact this change soon. 

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