Mr. Calentino takes on the National Wrestling Hall of Fame!

HOLDING THE AWARD: Mr. Calentino receives the National Wrestling Hall of Fame on August 20, 2023. 

Gracie Reynolds | Writer

September 5th, 2023

When you’re the incredibly successful head coach of the boys wrestling team for 33 years, you get an award.

On August 20, 2023, SCHS Coach Mr. Calentino was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame! His career accomplishments include being head wrestling coach from 1991- 2022, a dual meet overall record of 426-98-2, 18 league championship, 6 CIF championships, multiple Orange County and CIF coach of the year awards, and so much more. Calentino continues to keep helping the SCHS staff, not only with supporting the baseball team, but also with teaching science and academic intervention.

“This is a really humbling experience, because I’ve been to some of the banquets and the people that have been inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame have really accomplished a lot,” stated Calentino. “I don’t perceive myself in that class, but the people that make the decisions at a national level appreciate what I have done over the years.”

A GROUP PICTURE of everyone that has shown an impact in Calentino’s life and supported him along the way (coaches, teachers, family members etc.).

The National Wrestling Hall of Fame doesn’t just pick random people: they pick people who deserve this title. Only 10 Californians received honors this year, adding to the number of 189 that are recognized all-time. Not only do they pass out awards, but they also give out Outstanding American awards to wrestlers who are highly successful in other walks of life, and a Medal of Courage to those who have overcome extreme challenges. Each member receives a plaque and a jacket. Then they are mentioned online and at the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and museum in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

“The big picture your looking at is day to day, who needs help, who needs pushing to get through their classes, so I just did even with coaches local and others that I mentored and helped you just do it because at that time in your life that’s what you love doing,” said Calentino. This overall puts into perspective of how Calentino viewed and views his career.

If you have not met the famous Mr. Calentino, stop by his classroom (room P34) and introduce yourself. I am sure he would definitely enjoy your company!

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