Sko Buffs? More like no Buffs

DEFEAT: Coach Prime was visibly frustrated after the loss against #9 Oregon (The Denver Post)

Enzo Candolo | Editor-in-Chief

September 27th, 2023

Boulder was shocked this past game day after getting smacked dramatically 42-6 by the mighty Oregon Ducks, causing the Buffs’ bandwagon to breakdown. Last Saturday, undefeated University of Colorado Boulder and Deion Sanders entered Autzen on a high. They walked in with all the confidence in the world after they had already doubled the number of wins they had finished the previous season. Nothing could stop Coach Prime!…or so they thought.

All it took to take down those Buffs was Bo Nix, a hungry defense, and a very hyped Dan Lanning. “I felt sorry for them. Bo Nix looked like Tom Brady reincarnated and torched their secondary,” San Clemente High School junior Titus Truman said. “It makes you question their legitimacy as a competitor, especially with their schedule in the next few weeks.”

SWARMED: Colorado WR Xavier Weaver getting tackled by surrounding Ducks players sums up the day for the Buffs (Daily Camera)

Quarterback Bo Nix went 28/33, throwing for 276 yards, and three touchdowns while Shedour Sanders went for 23/33, 156 yards, and only one touchdown. The Ducks dominated all facets of the game, acquiring seven sacks and gaining, on average, 8.1 yards in the air and 6.3 yards on the ground. Colorado looked helpless, allowing 35 points in the first half, then holding only 7 in the second half and a huge touchdown in the 4th quarter to cut the lead to only 36!

“Colorado looked like pretenders after facing a real team,” senior Jack Schad said. “You could’ve called it. Small teams getting that much media attention over three small wins will get to someone’s head.”

And some may say the spread favored the Ducks, which was entirely accurate. However, the spread favored the Buffs against CSU just a week before they faced Oregon. And Boulder even struggled to get a win in that fixture, going into double overtime. Some also claim the injury of sophomore transfer Travis Hunter plays a massive part in the loss and the losses that are suspected of coming through the following weeks, with Colorado having to play teams like #8 USC next week, then followed by #19 Oregon State, #16 Washington State, and #10 Utah later in their schedule, who knows what kind of trouble they could see themselves getting into. Even unranked Arizona State and UCLA could put up a fight and give the Buffs a hard time.

Can the Buffs revamp their Cinderella story, or did they break their glass slipper?

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