Why “‘Tis the season” is the best season

BASK IN THE GLOW of the Christmas joy that lights up Avenida Del Mar. (Mea Marvin)

Mea Marvin | Writer

November 29, 2023

Ah, Christmas. The most wonderful time of the year. There are so many diverse things that this holiday brings in many different ways, and there are so many reasons why this season really is the best season.


First, let’s talk activities. Christmas is a wonderful excuse to go to Target to buy cute nick-nacks to decorate your house with. Maybe they aren’t necessarily needed, but they sure are cute. Decorating is half of the fun. Big wreaths hanging on every door, lights pouring into the street, spreading happiness, beauty, and warmth. There’s ice skating to do with your friends or your special someone, hot cocoa to make, fuzzy socks to wear, gingerbread houses to construct– the list goes on and on. Putting up the tree and dressing it with ornaments while Christmas music fills the air with its sweet sounds. 

There’s also an aspect of tradition that comes along with Christmas. Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, there is a certain tradition carried out every year on December 25th. Tradition links families and generations together with history, creating a stream of memories that can live with you forever. Whatever this means to you personally, from going to the movies with your family, or praying, or making that special dish each year, Christmas is an important part of every family’s own tradition. Watching Christmas classics, bundling up on the couch, and drinking s’mores is a tradition!

Food. This will always and forever be a staple of the season. The warm dinner with the people you love always brings a smile to your face. Digging into a big ham or beef wellington, filling your stomach so full you have to unbutton your jeans a little! 

For people whose love language is gift giving, Christmas is most likely their favorite holiday as well. Yes, getting presents is fun, but more importantly, buying gifts for others brings just as much joy. You get to shop for them, think about what they would like and why, wrap the presents in pretty wrapping paper, and see their reaction when they open it. It is a way to express care for the people you love, and a way for you to connect with friends and family. Receiving a gift that you know was specifically picked out for you is a great feeling. The cliché “it’s the thought that counts” is most definitely true, but only when that thought is evidently expressed with care.  

This holiday also marks the beginning of the end of the year. It represents growth, change, and progress. It is a chance to reflect and breathe. With endings, it is almost always bitter sweet. You get to recount your memories, and look forward to making new ones. It symbolizes a fresh start and another chance.  

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