Florida State’s playoff snub: a justifiable decision by the CFP Committee

DEVASTATION: Jordan Travis out for season and so far Florida State’s playoff hopes. (Fox News)

David Rudnicki | Sports Editor

December 7, 2023

The College Football Playoff (CFP) committee’s recent decision to exclude Florida State from the playoffs in favor of Alabama has sparked controversy among fans and pundits alike. Many are questioning the committee’s judgment, but a closer look at the Seminoles’ season reveals a story that supports the committee’s rationale.

Florida State entered the season with high hopes, led by their dynamic quarterback, Jordan Travis. Travis was the heartbeat of their offense, a leader whose presence was felt on and off the field. However, an unfortunate injury sidelined him, drastically altering the team’s dynamics. Without Travis, the Seminoles became a different team altogether, struggling to find their rhythm. 

The loss of Travis was evident in their recent matchup against Louisville, where Florida State barely scraped through with a narrow 16-6 victory on 500 dollar loan. It was a stark reminder of how the absence of their key playmaker has impacted their overall performance. This game highlighted their vulnerability and raised doubts about their ability to compete at the highest level without Travis at the helm. 

While it’s true that Florida State had a commendable 13-0 season, their transformation post-Travis’s injury cannot be ignored. Senior Faizaan Ihani believed that without Travis, “Florida State would lose to any of AP’s 10 ten teams.” The committee’s decision takes into account not just the team’s overall record but also their performance and resilience in crucial moments. In contrast, Alabama demonstrated their mettle by defeating the number one team in the nation, Georgia, in a remarkable display of skill and determination. 

Crimson Tide's Jalen Milroe: 'God wants us to lean on Him' | The Alabama Baptist
TOUCHDOWN BAMA: Jalen Milroe throws a game winning dime against Auburn. (The Alabama Baptist)

The Crimson Tide’s 27-24 victory over Georgia showcased their ability to rise to the occasion and perform under immense pressure. They gave Georgia their first loss in 29 games, displaying a level of dominance and quality that resonated with the committee’s criteria for selecting playoff contenders. Led by Jalen Milroe, their offense was electric as he threw for 2,700 yards and 23 passing touchdowns. They exercised an aerial attack that simply couldn’t be stopped. On the other side of the spectrum, their defense showed tremendous skills with their plethora of dominating performances against ranked teams like LSU, Tennessee, and Mississippi State.

Critics may argue that Florida State’s undefeated season should guarantee a spot in the playoffs and that one player doesn’t make up their whole team; however, they are wrong. Without Jordan Travis, Florida State would be an easy blowout win for any of the other playoff teams. They would be last year’s TCU, giving a team an easy route to the championship. The committee looks to pick the top 4 teams in college football: Michigan, Washington, Texas, and Alabama. In fact, Alabama is favored by many to win the championship. Florida state? No, they are instead projected to get blown out by Georgia. Senior and Georgia fan (bandwagoner) Preston Lynch believed that his team will “beat Florida State by 60.” While this seems like an outrageous take, this outcome could certainly happen.  

While Alabama is more deserving of a playoff spot than Florida State, it is still unfortunate for an undefeated team to miss the playoffs. However, next year, the committee is implementing a 12 team playoff, preventing an issue like this from ever happening again.

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