Chip Cookies grand opening! Honest review

GRAND OPENING: Chip decorated with balloons following their grand opening. (Claire Hedger)

Claire Hedger | Arts & Entertainment Editor & Social Media Manager

December 12, 2023

For those of you who love to have a late night sweet treat, I have great news for you. Chip Cookies has officially opened their San Clemente location!

The new restaurant puts a fun spin on the common dessert. Inspired by the pregnancy cravings of owner Sean Wilson’s wife, Chip has become a very popular chain that has stores all across the country. 

TOPPINGS: The variety of toppings customers can add to their cookie. (Claire Hedger)

The store’s grand opening on December 2, 2023 exceeded all expectations. Only expecting 400 customers, Chip was pleasantly surprised by the 1000 hungry people that walked through their doors in just the first hours of their grand opening. “It was so busy,” said junior Julia Sipelis. “But getting the cookie was so worth it.” 

With no expectations in mind, I decided to try out Chip for myself. As I walked in, I was greeted by the welcoming staff. The restaurant had a modern feel, and was very thoughtfully designed. Customers first choose from a variety of different cookie options, all the way from The OG (a normal chocolate chip cookie) to biscoff chip. After choosing a cookie, customers can then customize their order by choosing from different chocolate syrups and toppings. “It was super fun adding toppings to my cookie,” said senior Jake Poole. “It was something I had never done before.”

At first glance, the cookies had an interesting shape. They were stuffed in the middle, almost looking like a mountain of dough in the center that rose above the edges. I was nervous to bite into the monstrous cookie– though after my first bite, I understood the craze. Not only was the cookie itself delicious, but the toppings on top of the cookie made it taste even better. 

What I like about Chip is that there are so many different combinations of orders you can make. It definitely makes me want to keep going back for more!

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