The new and approved vending machine: the Giving Machine

DISPLAYED THE GIVING MACHINE: all the different options someone can donate to help someone in need. (LDS Daily)

Gracie Reynolds | Writer

January 18, 2024

As the holiday season just recently passed, many heartfelt actions were contributed to the community. Many don’t know about this special experience that has changed the lives of others. This experience is called the Giving Machine and was created by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

This creation was embedded in society to help change and improve outcomes for those struggling. “The Giving Machine” was recently located in the Dana Point Harbor but was only there from December 19th to 29th, 2023. This particular “vending machine,” as you could call it, was one of the first in California, along with another located in Huntington Beach.

It gives people the opportunity to provide extra help to the community– people can donate items to this machine that could possibly contribute to a family or someone in need –including clean water, food and livestock, health and wellness, education, housing and shelter, clothing, refugee aid, and volunteer work–that they can “shop” for and choose by means of a vending machine.

These “machines” are located worldwide in many other countries, and are sure to give gifts that will bring joy to someone no matter what their circumstances are.

POV: The glorious vending machine, aka “The Giving Machine.” (TheChurchNews)“Knowing that I am helping someone else who is struggling gives me a better reason to donate to this special non-profit program,” stated junior Téa Sinacori.

“The Giving Machine makes me sympathetic to anyone born in unfortunate circumstances. You can not control who your parents are and where you are born, so helping out in any way makes me very happy,” exclaimed senior Gavin Sowle.

To donate, you can press on this (link) and then scroll down to see all the options to provide extra help for people in need. Anything will contribute to this great experience, no matter what you donate!

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