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A TASTE OF 2024’s Snow Ball theme for Winter Formal. (Payton Blake)

Taylor Van Dijk | Opinion Editor

January 17, 2024

On February 3rd at 8 pm, San Clemente High School students will head up to A/V Irvine for this year’s Snow Ball Winter Formal. There is no denying that formal typically is not the most popular high school dance due to its cost and proximity to prom. Some people elect to skip. However, with this year’s theme, food, decorations, and a unique spin on a classic theme, Winter Formal will be a spectacle worth experiencing.

Regarding the venue, AV Irvine will host plenty of activities suitable for everyone’s needs. As seen last year, this venue is a “specialized location that allows it to morph into a variety of themes,” noted San Clemente High School Activities Advisor Matt Reid, “the lighting, technology, and space will transform it into an event you won’t want to miss.” These activities include a dance floor, a DJ, a balloon room, a photo booth, poker, game tables, and an outside area with several food options. So, if you want to dance with friends or chill out in the winter air, the amazing venue makes Winter Formal the place to be.  

You may be asking “Why it is worth it to spend the time and energy on this dance?” Aside from the fact that there are a lot of unique features about the venue and activities, the theme of this year’s Winter Formal (San Clemente Snow Ball) is perfect for the winter landscape. The decorations will be centered around everything winter, from the lighting to the props on the dance floor. Junior Grace Suckiel remarked, “I have been to every Winter Formal since my Freshman year, and I plan to go this year as well.” As a member of Activities on the Associative Student Body, she believed that “Winter Formal is worth attending because it is unlike the other dances. There are by far the most options for food and the most to do out of any other dance the school offers. It is also out of the way, so it is fun to drive up with friends and go outside the norm.”

WINTER FORMAL crowd on the dance floor. (Dan Miller)

Tickets officially went on sale January 8th for $85/$95 and they will be this price until January 21st. After that, from January 22nd to 28th, they will be $95/$105, and from January 29th to February 1st, they will be $105/$115. They can be purchased at the ASB windows or online in the San Clemente High School web-store.  

So if you are still on the fence about attending this year’s Winter Formal, remember that there is something for everyone! Do not forget to buy your tickets early for the most affordable prices and make this dance the best one yet!

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