Should influencers be allowed at award shows?

INFLUENCER AT PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS: James Charles, Alix Earle, and Tana Mongeau. (TMZ)

Chloe Gerhard | Writer

February 22, 2024

On February 18th, the People’s Choice Awards took place, and a video taken of Billie Eilish talking with Kylie Minogue sparked an online debate; should influencers be invited to mainstream events and award shows?

Viewers who watched the clip heard Eilish say, “There’s some like Tik Tokers over there…we don’t need it.” However, the clip was difficult to decipher because she covered her face with her hand.

BILLIE EILSH AT PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS: The singer’s comments sparked lively debate after the award show. (theindependent)

The video taken of the Oscar and Grammy-winning artist was not in an interview, and Eilish’s comments were meant to be private. Additionally, it is unclear whether the artist truly said the comment that’s sparking this controversy.

“Honestly I notice a huge increase in influencers in recent award show events,” expressed senior Ava Martinez.

The 2024 People’s Choice Awards seating chart appeared to contain more influencers than ever. Some content creators in attendance included Chris Olsen, Alix Earle, Jake Shane, Haley Baylee, Josh Richards, James Charles, and Bryce Hall.

When it comes down to it there is a reason influencers get invited to these celebrity events: marketing. Influencers post content to millions of people. They prepare for these events days in advance creating “get ready with me” format videos and “fit-checks” for their followers, creating a buzz and advertising for the event.

Using the power of influencers isn’t a new phenomenon. However, it has blown up in recent years. According to the website, over 78% of American companies with over 100 employees planned on utilizing influencers in 2023, and there’s no doubt that the number will be higher this year. It looks like the rest of the world is trending the same. lists the influencer market valuation at $21.1 billion globally. 

“I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t be there,” senior Paloma Brunson asserted, “In the end, they’re all just people who got the attention of others in various ways.” 

Money aside, there are negative aspects to this new brand of influencer marketing. Why were influencers featured so prominently at an event celebrating artists like the People’s Choice Awards? Billie Eilish was in attendance to receive recognition for her artistic accomplishments, not provide content for TikTokers. Are influencers just riding the coattails of talented actors and musicians? Is being a popular TikToker talent? 

Time will tell if influencer marketing is the new advertising standard and what the effect is on the entertainment industry long-term. As long as it’s an effective marketing tool, companies will continue to use them. The data doesn’t lie. It works. Whether they should fill seats at an award show celebrating artists is another story.

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