Is Harry Kane allergic to trophies? – Bayer Leverkusen take over

DISASTER: Kane with a look of disbelief after yet another disappointing Bayern Munich performance. (Marcel Engelbrecht – Getty Images)

Enzo Candolo | Editor-in-Chief

February 20, 2024

Is Harry Kane allergic to silverware? Is he cursed? Or is it just bad luck? 

After 11 consecutive Bundesliga championships, this year the Bayern Munich dynasty took a halt since there is a new sheriff in town, Bayer Leverkusen. Led by former Munich player; Xabi Alonso has completely flipped the script of what was known of the “mid-German club.” 

From posting decent results in years past and, most of the time, finishing in the top eight of the Bundesliga standings. However, this year, through 24 games, Bayer has remained unbeaten, sitting at the top of the table, and currently holds a strong eight-point gap in front of 2nd place Bayern Munich.

Besides the miraculous run they’ve had, this genuinely poses the question… how in the world does the best striker in the world (Harry Kane) move to one of the best clubs in the world and not win his first “real” trophy? Freshman Julian Duzman said, “The Tottenham curse follows him everywhere. It’s honestly unfortunate because he deserves a medal somewhere in his trophy cabinet. He’s always been great, just not great enough to lead a squad to anything measurable.” 

To give some context on the whole Tottenham curse thing: they are a club from North London that is historically known for being always pretty good but never good enough to win any sort of tournaments or awards. So now it’s been adapted into a joke about how they are cursed from trophies…

BAYER: Leverkusen dethrone the Munich dynasty. (@433 – Instagram)

Anyway, it’s not even like Kane has dropped in form whatsoever. Currently, he stands with 25 goals and 5 assists with 12 games remaining. He is on pace for a personal best and even surpassing his record-breaking Golden Boot seasons in the Premier League with Tottenham. If anything, many avid football fans might even make the claim he’s playing better now that he has been provided with an actual system rather than his previous one-man show in the past.

Senior Will Pico said, “He should’ve left Tottenham so many years ago. And now, finally, he’s gotten out but into a declining Bayern side. Tuchel just doesn’t seem to have been able to figure out the squad, but for Kane, it’s nothing new. Just another year without a medal or trophy on his shelves.” Although nothing is stuck in stone just yet, it’s not looking great for the record-breaking English striker. Especially after another 1-0 loss to Italian side Lazio in the first leg of the Champions League knockout stages. And Xabi Alonso doesn’t seem like he’ll stop cooking anytime soon. 

For all the non-football fans, Harry Kane and trophies are like that situationship that you’ve been involved in for years. Always good but never good enough to date. 

You can take the man out of Tottenham, but can’t take the Tottenham out of the man ; )

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