Ariana Grande beats controversy?


ARIANA DROPS new album “Eternal Sunshine.” (The New York Times)

Claire Pham | News Editor

March 21, 2024

On March 8, 2024, Ariana Grande released her long-awaited album “Eternal Sunshine.” The last time Grande released an album was “Positions” back in October 2020. Originally, Grande dropped her controversial single, “Yes, and?” at the beginning of the year in response to her cheating scandal with Ethan Slater who played SpongeBob SquarePants in the musical. This first single was an immediate hit reaching Number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Grande’s seventh album “Eternal Sunshine” hit 227,000 sales in the United States, 77,000 copies sold, 195 million streams, and counting. A significant aspect is the song “Eternal Sunshine” on the album which serves as a tribute with snippets of Mac Miller’s laugh, her ex-boyfriend who died from an overdose. This album comes after a rough year for Grande in the tabloids, following her relationship with Ethan Slater. In December 2022 Grande and Slater met when he joined the Broadway show, film adaptation Wicked. Grande began dating Slater while married to Dalton Gomez. This affair not only ripped apart Slater’s family but also her reputation. Regardless of this, Slater and Grande remain together which sparked her single “Yes, and.”

Did Ethan Slater Cheat on Wife With Ariana Grande? Lilly Jay's Response to Affair
ARIANA GRANDE breaks up Ethan Slater and his wife. (StyleCaster)

Some think Ariana Grande may have already reached her peak, “Ariana Grande’s new music is not the same catchy bangers,” says senior Kendall Hood. While others believe Grande is turning a new leaf, junior Claire Massamiri said, “‘Don’t Wanna Break Up Again’ is my favorite song on the album.” However, since Eternal Sunshine dropped it has opened at the top of the latest Billboard chart with the biggest debut of the year so far, topping Ye and Ty Dolla Sign’s album “Vultures 1.”

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