A senior’s guide to finding the perfect roommate

ROOMMATE SEARCHING SEASON: in this digital age there are many ways to find a college roommate. (iStock)

Chloe Gerhard | Writer

March 25, 2024

It’s late March and for seniors that means it’s time to choose a college and find a roommate. Finding a roommate is daunting, and it’s be difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, living in the age of the Internet, there are more resources available to find a perfect match. No longer do seniors have to brave the random roommate selection. Now seniors have the opportunity to interact and get to know potential roommates before they have met in person.

On Instagram, there are pages for college’s incoming freshmen. You can find these pages by searching the name of the college you intend on attending and the year of your graduating class. On their pages, you can either DM photos of yourself with a bio to the account owner or reach out to the people already posted. When reading these bios, look for similar interests.

There are also apps that are specifically designed for finding college roommates.

THE BUNKY APP: an app designed specifically to help students find a college roommate. (Bunky)

“I found my roommate on Bunky,” senior Amelia Clark expressed. “It’s like Tinder for roommates where you can match with people.” She goes on to explain, “We matched and then started to have a conversation.”

Bunky is one of the apps specifically for finding a college roommate. On the app, users first select the college they will be attending and then can create a profile. To create this profile users answer prompts like “What is your hot take.” With these prompts, personalities can shine in a way that might not be shown in a brief Instagram bio. The app also allows you to rank your preferred noise level from library to EDM concert. The creativity aspect can also add a little fun to a stressful process.

Similarly to Instagram pages, Facebook groups are a great source for finding roommates. Facebook is not just for Gen X conspiracy theories: it’s also a great resource for finding a roommate. Future roommates can be found on Facebook by making a Facebook page and posting groups for a college’s class of 2028. On these Facebook groups, you can view other member’s pages and posts and reach out if they seem like a good fit. Another method is to post on the Facebook group, introducing yourself and what you are looking for in a roommate.

After finding a roommate and breaking the ice, FaceTiming is extremely important to get to know someone and ask the necessary questions.

Senior Sara Sims exclaimed, “You cannot agree to be someone’s roommate before asking about their sleep schedule.”

A dorm’s main function is being a place to sleep. Being knowledgeable about the sleep schedule of your roommate and if it aligns with your own is extremely critical.

Relating to sleep, ask what temperature they are most comfortable with or if they listen to white noise when they go to sleep. It is also wise to ask them how they plan on getting involved on campus whether that be in Greek life or clubs. To prevent any future annoyance, ask what pet peeves a potential roommate has.

During this process keep in mind that everyone is in the same boat and is just as nervous. Do not be afraid to reach out to other incoming freshmen looking for roommates. Good luck seniors!

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