Is the Brandy Melville Café worth the hype?

Indulge in the Brandy Melville Café- Trendy pizza, sandwiches, and coffee. (

Jenna Forss | Arts & Entertainment

March 26, 2023

Even if you have never stepped foot inside the world renowned “Brandy Melville” you have definitely witnessed the iconic “Brandy Girls.” Bearing their iconic striped black pants almost every teen girl has hung up in their closet at some point, or sporting one of those specific graphic tees bearing phrases like “Radio Silence” or  “chill since ‘93.”

Many teen girls have found themselves pushed among the throng of people just like them all wearing the same outfits bathed in that signature musk that coats all of their clothing and lumps in the air around the store. 

The controversial, cultish brand of Brandy Melville has been a mysterious phenomena that has both fascinated me and held me under its mysterious spell. Due to this societal chokehold it comes as no surprise that the brand has pivoted to opening a restaurant through their business endeavour of Chill Since ‘93. This pizza shop is nestled in the Grove coincidentally right next to their iconic Los Angeles clothing store that flaunts a varietal selection.

As a victim of the Brandy Melville cult I have been long-awaiting my chance to try this restaurant and see if it was actually worth the hype it has been receiving.

ARUGULA, PROSCIUTTO, AND FOCACCIA come together to create a party in your mouth. (Jenna Forss)

Upon entering there is a small patio area with a slim walkway flanked by white picnic tables that beckon you to the inside section of the eatery. 

Once inside it reminded me of -of course- a Brandy Melville store. With its aesthetically pleasing set up of white walls and fairy lights, it replicated its sister clothing store to a tee. While my friends and I ordered our various mix of pizza and sandwiches we all enjoyed a mirage of samples, we scooped up (completely free!) pieces of cookies, brownies, and focaccia accompanied by their own brand of delicious olive oil.

The delicious samples brought promise of an even more appetizing main course. I found it interesting that despite the store catering only to one body type, the portions at the café were hearty and satisfying. My pizza, topped with crisp arugula and salty prosciutto, was absolutely delicious and left me feeling pleasantly full. Senior Izzy Farrell claimed, “I am shocked by the portion sizes, it does not seem to align with their brand.”

Senior Claire Campbell gushed that her “Caprese sandwich was so good, I will definitely be going back.” In my opinion, I believe the trip was definitely worth it. If you’ve ever been intrigued by the Brandy Melville phenomenon, I highly recommend giving the café a try!

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