The debut of Drumline’s rising star

Kat Piantka | News Editor

April 28, 2024

April 18, 2024, was filled with yet another hectic day of Spirit Assembly festivities. This once-a-trimester day highlights the extravagance of ASB’s preparation for the event, as well as both the Dance and Stunt team’s nationally recognized routines. The spring sports teams bring their dance and choreography skills to the gym and leave us wondering if they can dance or if they should stick with their respective sports. But of course, the excitement around SCHS’ drumline closing of the Spirit Assembly continues to be a highly anticipated feature that generates elation and school spirit from the crowd. 

PROODIAN running to grab the fallen drumstick. (SCHS Instrumental Music!)

While these Spirit Assemblies usually follow a similar routine and format of dance, game, and video, Mr. Proodian decided to spice things up a bit by incorporating a twist on the drumline’s usual performance as he scurried out onto the stage after the performance awkwardly came to a halt when a drumstick “accidentally” fell from one of the member’s hands.

Proodian came in to save the day as he grabbed the fallen drumstick from the floor. “It was the nice thing to do,” he stated later. Instead of returning it to his former student, Mr. Proodian rejoiced in the spotlight by banging the drums; eventually claiming the drum set off the student’s shoulders and put in on himself, solidifying his debut in the SCHS drumline. While he professed that the interaction was not staged, he reported to Drumline that “if they did ask [him] to join [he] would love it…because [he] wants to be with the people with the most talent [in the Spirit Assembly].”

Proodian believes that his premiere in the spotlight might even mark the beginning of a new tradition with guest performers, as he encourages other teachers, and nominates Principal Carter to take his chance in the spotlight because it is a “privilege to be a part of Drumline.” Students had equally as much fun as Mr. Proodian, as laughs and cheers echoed throughout the gym as students conversed and wondered if this performance was staged or just a funny coincidence– and the truth is, we will never know.

Activities Director Mr. Reid was surely not part of or knew this performance was taking place, but had been made aware of Mr. Proodian’s interest and desire to pursue this plan for the past few years. All spectators of the second Spirit Assembly were equally shocked to see him run out onto the stage in his hot pink button-up, and as some of us know, Mr. Proodian likes to surprise students and keep us on our toes. This behavior can be seen throughout his Chemistry classes and the daily practices and meets in both cross country and track, making him a somewhat of a celebrity on campus.

Sophomore Ryan Bautista was “shocked” when he saw Mr. Proodian making an appearance on the big stage, but even more so that “he actually got the rhythm right” as he watched Mr. Proodian bring back his musical talents from high school. 

If you were not fortunate enough to witness Mr. Proodian’s spectacular historical performance, it is shown in the attached video above. But with Mr. Proodian’s influence and legendary status, he is sure to be inaugurated onto the drumline team, and future teacher Drumline debuts may become a new tradition at Spirit Assemblies.

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