Dealing with stress before finals week

STUDENT STRESSED dealing with pressure of last weeks of school. (Maryville University)

Arantza Villarroel | Writer

May 9, 2024

Finals week will start in the blink of an eye, and as students our main responsibility is to prepare, both subject-wise, but also mentally. Such an exhausting week is not an easy task for anyone. 

Sadly, many students are already losing motivation to keep pushing forward due to all the stress the week causes them. The importance of finals weeks should not even be discussed, it is the final assignment to either keep or push our grades up, until we reach that percentage we are striking for. Therefore, we need to start preparing in advanced, while still taking care of ourselves mentally and physically. 

There are multiple advice to get back that sparkle that motivates us to keep trying. Remember to “take it one day at a time” as junior Sabrina Carpenter said. Such simple things like daily small goals or to-do lists work wonders when it comes to give students a little motivation. “Go on your notes app, or an old planner that is laying around your house, and make a bullet point to finish an assignment, or find your notes for a class” added Sabrina. Best believe the moment you delete that task off your list, you will feel extremely proud of yourself, awaiting for another chance to get that feeling back.

USING A PLANNER to breeze through tasks of the day. (Treehugger/Sanja Kostic)

Also, take advantage of a close, safe circle that works as a support system through the process, if you have one. We may sometimes lose our path due to the exhaustion, or anxiety that school produce us, but a small group of friends that we can rely upon when times are hard can completely change the way things work out at the end. As junior Victoria Mota stated, “surround yourself, as much as you can, with friends that want to finish their homework assignments, ask questions on the notes packets, or study after school, and subconsciously you will do the same.” Take advantage of those around you that can always push you to try a little harder, those are the most beneficial people to have. 

At the end, and even though it may seem obvious, remember even studying for upcoming finals is extremely important, your mental health is more important. Take breaks in between studying, eat your meals at appropriate times, and get some fresh air and get outside. Summer is so close! Let that be your motivation for this final week of hard work. 

Remember that your mental health is your priority, and you should do anything in your power to take care of yourself through this harsh weeks of school!

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