Thanksgiving Isn’t All About The Food

By Koby Wolfe | Writer

December 3, 2015

This Thanksgiving, the traditional football games were either exciting or just a straight dominant play by one team. There were a great number of amazing catches, impressive defensive play, and turkey…lots and lots of turkey!

The Detroit Lions and Philadelphia Eagles game was just a strong showing for the Lions, with Matt Stafford going 27 for 38 and 337 yards while hitting his receivers for five touchdowns with Chris Johnson having just a great performance being the target for three of those touchdowns. The defense just shut down Mark Sanchez, sacking him a total of six times, keeping him at only 199 yards passing. Although Mark threw both of the touchdowns scored by Philadelphia. Detroit overall beat Philadelphia in Total yards, 1st downs, and Possession time. At the end of the game, Detroit won 45-14 over Philadelphia.

One of the other popular games on television this Thanksgiving was the Carolina Panthers and Dallas Cowboys game. The Panthers had a really strong defensive showing, holding the Dallas offense to only one touchdown, intercepting the ball three times, and keeping their running game to almost nothing. Cam Newton had more poor of a showing then he usually does going 16 for 27 and throwing for 183 yards, while only getting 1 touchdown by running it himself and that was the only touchdown that the offense scored.

Tony Romo was just straight up horrible, with only 106 yards passing and throwing three interceptions, and ends up getting hurt again, which makes you think did he come back too early? Carolina wins 33-14 over Dallas.

Finally, we’ve got the Green Bay and Chicago game which was a lot more exciting than the first two. Chicago is catching Green Bay in a bit of a landslide, as the Packers have only won 1 of their last 5 games. Chicago’s defense played their hearts out even though they let up more yards than they should’ve. They made the most important plays when they needed to. Aaron Rodgers didn’t play his usual game throwing 202 passing yards with only one touchdown and letting up 1 int which he usually doesn’t do. Jay Cutler threw for 200 yards and 1 touchdown going 19 for 31. Jeremy Langford and Matt Forte accumulated a total of 27 rush attempts, 92 rushing yards, and 1 touchdown. Chicago wins 17-13 over Green Bay.

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  1. This article was a weird one for to read, as the title “Thanksgiving Isn’t All About The Food” made me think that this article was going to be about the importance of family, or how the Native Americans and Pilgrims celebrated together as a way to show peace and friendship. However I was treated to an article about football and how the games went. Next time, I would like the title to be a bit more obvious about what, besides food, Thanksgiving is actually about.

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