Thanksgiving Break Vacations 2015


By: Katie Kendall | Writer   &   Melissa Whitsell | Writer

December 3, 2015

Every year for Thanksgiving, students spend their week-long break in captivating spots like mountains, deserts, and even distant beaches. Thanksgiving break is the ideal time for students to distance themselves from school and spend time relaxing with family. While some students stayed in San Clemente for the break, others ventured out to find some adventure. We interviewed Zack Gardner, Hannah Jolly, and Micaela Whitsell about their exciting break!

Zack Gardner (junior):

Where did you go?

I went to my house on the Colorado River in Parker, Arizona.

Who did you go with?

My family, the Openshaw family, and Juan Magra.

How long did you go?

The first Saturday of the break to the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

What was the best part of being there?

The best part was being able to drive our cars right out of our backyard into miles of unridden desert, then going straight into the water to wash off and wake-surf.

Micaela Whitsell (junior):

Where did you go?

Oahu, Hawaii. We stayed in a Disney Resort called Aulani.

Who did you go with?

My mom, step dad, brother Jacob (Freshman), and sister Melissa (Junior).

How long did you go for?

We left the Thursday before breaks started and got back the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
What was the best part of your trip? The best part of my trip was the amount of time I spent with my family without fighting. I also, enjoyed the beautiful and warm beach, which was a nice change from the cold beaches here.

Would you go back? Why?

I would definitely go back to Oahu, but maybe not during the rainy season. It rained almost everyday were there; however it was still a nice tropic rain.

Hannah Jolly (senior):

Where did you go?

We went up to our cabin in Mammoth.

Who did you go with?

My mom, dad, and brother Ethan (Freshman).

How long did you go?

We left the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and came back in the afternoon on Sunday.

Did you like being there for Thanksgiving?

I miss having my friends around, but I love the feeling of fall weather. Getting to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family while it snowed outside made it worth being gone.

What was the best part?

The best part by far was actually getting to spend time with my little brother. It’s scary to think that I’ll be leaving for college in less than a year, and getting to spend time with him somewhere that we brother grew up knowing was awesome.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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