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By, Branson Knowles | Writer   &   Sydney Gruzdis | Writer

February 5th, 2015

Aries (3/21 to 4/19)
Alias: The Ram

You may be in the process of making an important decision, but you may be doing so based on old information. It’s natural to fall back on old ways of doing things, even when they weren’t particularly successful. However, if you really want to get the most out of this new chance, you will need to have a broader outlook, which is possible if you don’t just rely on an old habits. Set a new standard and aim high. You can have more than you think.

Taurus (4/20 to 5/20)
Alias: The Bull

Are you feeling strongly about something….? You know that you are right, and you probably figure that the sooner you jump in, the more likely you will prevail. However, even though you are sure you know what’s best, your word alone may not be enough to convince others Gather information and hard facts before you jump into the ring. If you are well-armed no one will be able to argue with you.

Gemini (5/21 to 6/20)
Alias: The Twins

You may be sensing a shift in power. Although this power may not be connected to you directly, it could certainly affect you in some way. You probably think you know which way this is going, and it could be causing you to feel anxious and lost. The winds of change are still blowing and you will be surprised by the shift that is about to take place. Don’t be nervous, Embrace hopefulness and you will be rewarded.

Cancer (6/21 to 7/22)
Alias: The Crab

Someone may come to you today with an offer that seems quite appealing. You could find yourself dealing with a smooth talker, but this person could be charming that you could easily be swayed to do something you probably shouldn’t. It may not be obvious that he or she has an agenda or an ulterior motive, be extra cautious with any choices you make today, no matter how innocent they seem. Stay alert and you will be fine.

Leo (7/23 to 8/22)
Alias: The Lion

Revealing your deepest emotions about a current conflict will not cause you to lose an argument, or appear weak and vulnerable, As a person of strength, and as someone who tends to be a leader in most situations, you often think of how you are presenting yourself. You want to appear to be strong, brave, and in charge, and you may worry that showing all your cards could lessen your image in some ways. If anything, showing your vulnerability will only make you appear stronger and more courageous, express yourself in any way that feels right.

Virgo (8/23 to 9/22)
Alias: The Virgin

It isn’t always easy for you to express your heart’s desires or express your more emotional side. You tend to withhold and protect yourself, How can you expect others to know what you are thinking and feeling? While it may seem like unfamiliar territory to express your feelings now about an ongoing matter that’s been weighing heavily on your mind,it would be in your best interest to try.

Libra(9/23 to 10/22)
Alias: The Scales

You have a wealth of great ideas bubbling up in your brain right now, but some of them may seem unconventional. You have a very creating mind, but you tend to be more contriverversive in business and social pursuits. Sometimes you regret not speaking up, but that is almost always tempered with your fear of saying too much or going too far. Be courageous

Scorpio(10/23 to 11/21)
Alias: The Scorpion

A chaotic situation in your personal life may seem to be spinning out of control. You are someone who stays on top of your personal matters, but in this case another party is involved. To deal with this person you may have to work outside of your comfort zone. Try revealing a personal thought that you wouldn’t ordinarily share. Once you do, you will see how well and quickly things can be managed.

Sagittarius(11/22 to 12/21)
Alias: The Archer

People see you as something special. While you may not see yourself this way, there is someone close to you who does. This person may soon come to you asking for a favor, and it will be a hard thing to do. It will be even harder for you to say no, so say yes if it’s at all possible, people depend on you. Not only will you be able to help this individual overcome an obstacle and rise above a former boundary, but you will come away feeling accomplishment.

Capircorn (12/22 to 1/19)
Alias: The Seagoat

Trying to understand a loved one’s mood today may seem like an unsolvable puzzle. You will have to be open-minded and objective, because this person may not be very inclined to help you figure it out. Then again if you try that hard to understand this person’s state of mind, the individual may continue to be vague and secretive, and you will have set a precedent. Wait for this person to come to you when they are ready.

Aquarius (1/20 to 2/18)
Alias: The Water Carrier

You may be wondering whether you should cut your losses with a recent venture, or keep going simply because you have already invested a lot of your time and energy into it. After all, if you give up now it would seem that you had wasted so much of yourself on a fruitless quest. But you haven’t really lost anything, In fact,you have gained considerable knowledge and wisdom, and have also come to understand yourself even better than before. Do what you feel is right, but either way you can’t lose.

Pisces(2/19 to 3/20)
Alias: The Fishes

You have reached a point of no return in a relationship. This could be anything from a personal to romantic relationship, or a work relationship. There has been a standoff. Even if that standoff has been polite and thoughtful, there is no going back from here. You have to make a decision, and you probably won’t have the chance to change your mind once it is made. Think carefully before you make a move. A reckless gesture could ruin everything. Deep down, you know what’s best for you.

“I’ve actually been a lifeguard for about a 3 months now and have had some considerable thoughts to pursue a different career path, but with all of that in mind it would be pretty a bad call to blow of all the training i’ve done to get here, plus it pays well and i get to be at the beach !” -Weston Holden (Senior) Aquarius

“ Woah that’s actually kind of weird, i have an upcoming job interview and i am sooo nervous, this is my first time applying for a job so i have no idea what to expect. but i will be sure to ‘embrace my hopefulness’ haha” – Skylar Miller (Senior) Gemini

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