Luke Overin- Photographer (2016)


     Hello, my name is Luke Overin and I am 17 years old. In my free time, I enjoy playing a large array of sports. I play pickup games of soccer and football every week. Also, I play beach volleyball most days of the week. Working on cars is also a major part of my time and I am currently enrolled in the CCA Automotive Program. I am at beach almost everyday, either surfing or working as a San Clemente City Beach Lifeguard.

    In all honesty, I joined Newspaper so that I could leave school after third period. However, after joining I realized this class was actually very enjoyable. I like how it gives me the opportunity to write and take photos of interesting things, while taking my own creative take on it. I like how this class is an art in which I can express myself. This year in Newspaper, I plan to improve my photography angles and perspectives. After graduation, I plan on going to Mammoth for college and working on the mountain as ski patrol. Then, I want to transfer to Long Beach College to get my degree in graphic design.

For More of My Work:

San Clemente Men’s Surf Team Takes To The Water

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