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By, Brooke Herbes | Social Media Director

September 7, 2016

Welcome Tritons to the 2016-17 school year! This year a group of previous and current environmental science students joined together in order to start up the Environmental Alliance. It’s a club at school where students who are dedicated to protecting our natural surroundings can join together to make our school even more environmentally friendly!DCIM101GOPROGOPR3061.

 The club is led by senior Anh-Vy Pham (pictured to the right) who is a previous environmental science student in Mrs. Kerr’s class. I asked her, “What made you want to startup the environmental alliance club?” Anh-Vy responded, “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle was my motto and green was my color, so when I took AP Environmental junior year and learned more in depth about the negative human impact on Mother Nature, I felt obligated to spread the lessons I learned in that class to my fellow students at SCHS. I’m so excited to reboot the Environmental Alliance and spread our philosophy. Hopefully this is the year where we make the campus the most sustainable it’s ever been!”

 With a higher enrollment of AP Environmental these past few years students have been interested in improving the school’s environmental impact on the surrounding world even more. Finally, I asked senior Veronica Petrikas, the Treasurer to define the club for me, she told me, “This club or alliance is an organization dedicated to promoting sustainable living and positive environmental impacts not only on our school, but the community.”

AP EnvironmentalDCIM101GOPROGOPR3217. is a class that has the capability to shift a student’s outlook on the world, when I asked senior and club vice-president Julia Brandt if the class ever made her question how students interact with their surroundings, Julia told me, “APES made me reconsider every action people have on the planet. It made me realize how little most students know about how their actions affect the environment.”    

As I am the Secretary of the club, I want all students to feel welcome to join whether you have taken AP Environmental or not, it does not matter, just as long as you have some interest in giving a helping hand in making the world a better place.

Look for awesome WATER BOTTLES at CLUB RUSH on September 14th (Lower) & September 15th (Upper)! The big one is $10 and the smaller is $5, if you don’t see us, look for  Mr. Kerr (the tall guy with the mustache).

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