Brooke Herbes – Social Media Director (2015-17)


Hi, I’m Brooke! I’m a Senior this year and really looking forwrd to my last year in newspaper. I’ve lived in San Clemente, CA and love it here but I am excited for what the futue holds and where writing will take me. This is my third year in newspaper, as the Social Media Director I hope to revive the Instagram (@tritontimes), Twitter (@tritontimes), & Facebook (Triton Times). Newspaper is a chance to be able to write on a broad spectrum of events throughout the school. (  The newspaper this year is going to be great, hope you love it!(: *oh by the way, yes SCHS has a newspaper.*

~Articles by Me~

A New Era – Girls Soccer Preview

Club Profile – Environmental Alliance 

Restaurant Review – Bear Coast Coffee

AP Test Review

Movie Review – The Jungle Book 

Restaurant Review – The Cellar

Triton Times 2016 SC Best of – Best Coffee

Coffee House

APES Ecocolumns

Rugby: From Club to Team

Starbucks Coffee Cup Controversy

Girls Soccer Preview

Outlets at San Clemente Hosts Job Fair

First of School Fashions

Teacher Profile – Mr. Dowell

Senior Pranks

Best of San Clemente – Surf Spot

SCHS Girls Soccer

Keep it Up SCHS Girls Soccer!


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