Best surf spot: Trestles

By: Stolie Erickson | Writer January 31, 2020 In such a small town on the West Coast, the most commonplace and popular hobby is surfing. It has become one of the most indicative attributes of […]

Best smoothie: Juice Stop

By Kate Hedger | Writer January 30, 2020  One of the most popular places to get smoothies in San Clemente is Juice Stop. Juice Stop has been around for over two decades and is run […]

Best midnight food spot: Mcdonald’s

By: Jason Watkins| Writer and Photographer January 31, 2020 This year, the winner of the best midnight food place is McDonald’s. McDonald’s is located at 650Avenida Pico right next to San Clemente High School and […]

Best trail: Beach Trail

By Elijah Winn | EditorJanuary 31st, 2020 A staple of our community is our beautiful beaches that bring tourists to experience the San Clemente lifestyle. Along our famous coastline follows a 4 mile trail that […]

Best Gym: 24 Hour Fitness

By: Lexi Gruszczynski | Photo Editor January 30, 2020 Located on the south end of La Pata, Triton Times voted 24 Hour Fitness the best gym in San Clemente. 24 Hour is perfect for gym […]

Best view: “Top of the World”

By: Kaitlyn Harsey | Writer January 30, 2020 For it’s heights and stunning views, San Clemente’s “Top of the World” has won SC’s best view award. In the running for this award were “The Hole”, […]

Best study spot: Lavender Lounge

By: Sophia Burick | Editor in Chief January 30, 2020 Sometimes a change of scenery is just what you need to motivate yourself to finish that project, write that essay, or study for that test. […]

Best Coffee: Zebra House Coffee

By: Abby Stewart | Sports Editor January 31, 2020 Located on 1001 south El Camino Real, Zebra House has everything you could wish for in a coffee shop. Zebra House has become a popular place […]

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