Best book stop: Beach Town Books

BEACH TOWN BOOKS is located just two streets away from Del Mar. Reaghan Mulligan Reaghan Mulligan | Newsroom Manager February 11, 2022 Once home to the Village Book Store, Beach Town Books took over ownership […]

Best grocery store: Trader Joe’s

Jack Hagen | Sports Editor February 11, 2022 The undisputed best grocery store in San Clemente is Trader Joe’s. With countless healthy options and many unique and flavorful snacks and frozen entrées, Trader Joe’s offers […]

Best poke bowl: Poke Tiki

Sophie Echternach | Writer February 14, 2022 In the last year, poke has become one of the most popular post beach meals in SC and the only thing better than eating that delicious poke is […]

Best tea: Lavender Lounge

Ruby Hawbecker | Writer February 15, 2022 Lavender Lounge is a quaint, hidden store that has quite a large reputation despite taking up a space of less than 500 square feet. They offer unique and […]

Best splurge: Nick’s San Clemente

Aaron Velez | News Editor February 11, 2021 Spending: It’s stereotypically one of us teenagers’ favorite pastimes. Where is the best place for San Clemente High School Students to spend? Nick’s restaurant, of course. Nick’s is […]

Best boutique: Isabelle’s Cabinet

Nicolle Generaux | A&E Editor February 11, 2022 Clothes, clothes, and more clothes: people are always looking for the latest fashion trends with the best quality and the best price. As a result, it’s often […]

Best bakery: Nothing Bundt Cakes

Cassidy O’Toner | Writer February 10, 2022 San Clemente is packed full of amazing spots to buy all kinds of cakes, cookies and pastries. But of all the bakeries in our town, Nothing Bundt Cakes […]

Best coffee: Zebra House Coffee

Brooklyn Staab | Opinion Editor & Publicity Manager   February 11, 2022 Zebra House is one of San Clemente’s most prized possessions for a multitude of reasons: the staff, location, interior design, and quality food and […]

Best surf shop: Hobie Surf Shop

Eden Havel | News editor January 11, 2022 On the corner of Del Mar, with doors wide open, the sound of Jack Johnson’s “Better Together” ringing louder as you inch closer, and the ambrosial smell […]

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