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By: Hailey Duncan| Writer

October 28, 2016

For many of us girls, make-up is our way of expressing ourselves. SCHS senior Lexa Coleman states that “Makeup can do a lot of things for somebody. It works the best when you’re wearing it for yourself and not for anyone else.” From eye shadow, to mascara, to lip gloss, to highlight, make-up is a fun way to experience new things. With make-up being so easy to apply, it is even easier to take off and start all over! With all this make-up in the world and all the easy tools to help us achieve a flawless face, there are so many makeup hacks to save our lives! Here are 10 quick and easy makeup hacks you’ll be glad you found.

1. Turn your pencil liner to a gel liner

Did you run out of gel liner as you were about to finalize your eye makeup? Take your pencil eyeliner, a lighter and watch the magic happen. When you put the flame over the tip of your eyeliner and then apply it right after, it applies just like a gel liner without all the extra work!

2. Make your glittery shadow blind others with a white base

Do you ever get sick and tired of wasting your eye shadow because it never appears pigmented enough or it creates tons of fall out? Put a white cream base (ie: Nyx jumbo eyeliner pencil in the shade milk) all over your lid and then apply your glitter base. 

3. Spooning your eyeliner     Image result for makeup hacks saline and mascara

Trying to create that perfect cat eye effect is always a pain. Usually one side is too long or too big, they are almost always uneven, and they are always too thick. Avoid all that pain and suffering by using a kitchen spoon! It is guaranteed to help you create that perfect cat eye in no time.

4. Kitchen utensils for mascara

Don’t you hate when you have the perfect eye shadow and you get mascara all over it? Use the bigger part of the spoon and put it over your eyelid while applying mascara. It helps keep all the makeup off your lid for a flawless final eye look.

5. Make old mascara new again          

Isn’t it sad when you get to the point where your mascara is getting old and flaky? Grab a dropper of saline solution and add minimal drops into your mascara tube and VOILA! You have brand new mascara without going to the store.

6. Get that false lash look without the false lashes       Image result for makeup hacks saline and mascara

Who really wants to wear and buy false lashes 24/7? Get that false lash look without all the glue, false hair, and tweezers! You are going to apply your first coat of mascara, then grab a small brush with minimal translucent powder and dust it all over your eyelashes, repeat the first two steps until desired and then to finalize the look, add that last coat of mascara and you’re finished!

7. Use more powder for long lasting lips

 Do you need your lipstick to last through the longest day you have ahead? Apply your first light coat of lipstick, put a light piece of toilet paper over your lips, dust translucent powder over lips, take off the toilet paper and add that final touch of lipstick. Your lipstick will last through the whole day without the wear and tear look.

8. Makeup brush handle for perfect contour

Do you need that perfect line to carve out your contour with? Use a makeup brush handle to make an even, thick or thin contour line. This hack is a perfect way to help you create your contour easier and faster without all the trouble in trying to make it even on both sides.

9. Oily face = Toilet seat covers

For those girls with oily skin or for the girls that get oily on those hot and steamy days, I have a trick to save you money and embarrassment. Go into any restroom, grab a toilet seat cover and start patting your face. The seat cover acts as a blotting sheet and will attack any oils on your face better than any $12 blotting sheet pack could. 

San Clemente high school junior, Macy Gerken has been using this makeup hack for some time. “One day I was at work during the summer and I noticed my face looked really red, oily and lucky me, I just ran out of oil blotting sheets. I went to the bathroom and tried to use toilet paper but it was sticking to my face and wasn’t getting anything off. I ended up grabbing a toilet seat cover and it worked just as good. It cleared literally all the oil off my face and I actually prefer to use a seat cover over oily sheets.”

10. BEAUTY HACK- Get the most use out of your perfume

Do you feel like your perfume fades away as the days go on? Take your perfume and spray it on your neck, wrists, behind the knees, behind the neck, and take the bottle and rub it on your collarbones for the longest lasting perfume. As the day travels on, your perfume will stick to your body/clothes causing your perfume to smell fresh all day long.  

 These makeup hacks are very useful and will help you create that flawless face without spend tons of money on things you already have at home!

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