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Hi Winter,

I’m really stressed out with the start of school. I already had 2 essays! How can I manage my time better so that I will be less stressed?

Dear Stressed,

The beginning of the school year will always be tough, but you’ve got to stay positive and know that you’ll get through it. Having two essays already assigned this year sounds ridiculous! But by staying organized, keeping a planner, having check ins for big essays or projects, and keeping a stress-free environment at home are all helpful ways to manage stress and make life a little easier.

I hope this helps 🙂





Dear Winter,

I still have feelings for my ex, and he wants to hook up this weekend. I want to but I feel like I deserve more of a commitment from him. Am I being lame or what?

Dear Concerned and Unsure,

No, no, no! You are not being lame at all! You deserve a commitment if he actually does care for you the way you do for him. But hooking up with an ex who is using your feelings to get what he wants is all bad news and should be avoided. Sounds like another heartbreak for you I’m afraid. Go out and look for a guy who will treat you right, give you that commitment, and give you what you need.

I hope this helps 🙂



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