Triton Fan of the Week – Nick Crankshaw

By Mikaela Mertens | Writer   &   Ryan Redivo | Writer, Photographer

September 24, 2014

Leading the Triton cheering section so far this 2014 football season has been senior Nick Crankshaw. As our very first Triton Fan of the Week, Crankshaw really knows how to pump up the crowd.

So far the Tritons are 4-0 overall and 3-0 at home, having outscored their opponents at Thalassa Stadium 136-63 – a difference of over 70 points! In their most recent game, a 49 to 21 blow out of Astacadero High School, senior Joe Mann marveled at Crankshaw’s abilities in the stands, pushing himself past the breaking point in order to show his support throughout the entire game. “He is always committed at every game (even away) and goes all out with eye black and SC football attire,” Mann said.

“It’s all about the win,” Crankshaw said during a postgame interview. “It’s not about me – it’s about those guys out there (points to the field) giving 100% every game.”

Crankshaw devotes hours of his time game planning and preparing to watch Friday night football for the Tritons. When asked what kind of a fan Nick is, senior Cade Griffin, another very dedicated and devoted fan (perhaps a future Triton Fan of the Week) said, “His preparation is impressive” and adding later, “…he’s a heck of a fan. He’s a friendly little monkey who I love so much and always goes all out.” The term ‘monkey’ of course is to describe Crankshaw’s aggressive, loud, and jumpy cheering style.

The football team specifically also appreciates what Crankshaw brings to the table as senior wide receiver Dean Licht said, “I think he’s a great kid and we’re happy he’s up there. Extremely good looking. All around prime. We need more fans like him.”

We agree and we hope to see you all at the next game! Don’t forget to show us your school spirit and you just might be featured in next week’s Triton Fan of the Week! You rock Nick and thanks being a devoted fan!

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