AP Environmental Field Trip to Yosemite

By: Josh Greene | Media Editor

April 20, 2017

Recently, the AP/IB Environmental Science program partook in their annual field trip to Yosemite National Parks, where San Clemente High School students created lasting memories learning and exploring alongside their peers.

When asked about the essence of the field trip, Junior Cade Mills explained, “What really separates this trip from any other school field trip is that we actually have the opportunity to apply what we’ve learned in class all year to real world situations on a massive scale.”

From hiking Yosemite Falls to exploring the heart of the coniferous forest, students saw firsthand the extensive biodiversity and fantastic natural processes that allows Yosemite National Park to draw in hundreds of thousands of visitors annually.

Upon walking through the meadows Yosemite Valley, students gained a new sense of how small a single person is when compared to the vast power of nature and the grand scheme of our cosmic arena.

Similarly, junior Trey Russell explained to me, “People are nothing compared to the power of nature, but we can have harmful implications on the natural world if we act carelessly.” And after departing Yosemite National Park, students obtained greater inspiration towards living a life of stewardship and sustainability.

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