5 Local Teens Killed in I-5 Accident


By Bailey Peterson | Editor in Chief

October 7, 2014

Five local teens were killed in a car accident heading home from Knott’s Scary Farm last Saturday around 2:15 a.m..

An unlicensed sixteen year old was piloting the car of five passengers when he lost control and hit a guardrail. The car bursts into flames leaving the bodies of the victims so badly burnt the coroners had to rely on dental records to identify the bodies.

The driver was the only one in the car that survived; all five of the passengers were killed. He was taken to Children’s Hospital of Orange County where he is currently stable but remains in serious condition.

There was no alcohol or drugs involved in the crash, however one of the male and both of the female victims were not wearing seatbelts.ncyg69-b88222247z_120141004214927000gui5g11i_10

The girls both attended Laguna Hills High school and played on the water polo team. Two of the boys went to Capistrano Valley High School and one attended middle school at Carl Hankey. All three boys played soccer for the Mission Viejo Soccer Club.

Vigils were held at both Capistrano Valley High School and Laguna High School in memorial of the young peoples who lost their lives.

San Clemente High School offers condolences and prayers for the families and loved ones of the five victims.

10 Comments on 5 Local Teens Killed in I-5 Accident

  1. So sad to see this happen. How lucky the teen that was driving is alive. I hope he is ok and doesn’t feel bad about what happened. My prayers go out to the family and friends that knew the teens.

  2. It’s such a shame this happened to such young people with great lives ahead of them. I didn’t know them personally, but 2 girls on my soccer team were best friends and neighbors with the boys from Capo, so I’ve been having an awful feeling in my stomach since it happened.

  3. This should not have happened. Beautiful kids with their whole lives ahead of them. PLEASE guys! life is precious and think first! You cant drive a car without a license, Think before you do drugs or drink… IT IS SO NOT WORTH IT. Don’t let it be you next! God bless those kids, their families and everyone reading this post

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