Rain Hits San Clemente

By: Hailey Daniels | Writer

January 24, 2018

This past week, San Clemente has been experiencing some weather Californians haven’t seen in a while. The climate has gone down and a natural phenomenon called “rain” has occurred.

As a Californian, driving in the rain is something we are not use to, causing people to not understand how to coherently drive when water is falling from the sky. The roads become very dangerous the second the first drop of water hits the pavement.

An add-on to a car called “windshield wipers” come in to play and the oil on the streets makes the roads slippery. A few seniors at San Clemente High School have some opinions about driving in the rain.

I asked Bella Fox, senior, how she felt about driving in the rain. She told me, “Well I don’t have my license so I am not going to be able to help you here.”

I decided to find someone who could drive. Lindsay Hung, a licensed driver, told me “I drive to Irvine everyday for tennis and when its rainy, it’s a war zone. The freeway is a free-for-all and everyone forgets basic driver’s ed. It’s quite scary, I did not realize how awful Californians are at driving.”

Lauren Nelson, a senior and driver, said “I feel so unsafe driving in the rain. It is so stormy and wet, my windshield wipers do not move fast enough. I feel as if any second, I could just flip and crash. Rain is bad and should not be in California.”

San Clemente does not handle rain well. The best thing you can do when it is raining is to stay inside, turn your heater on, and watch some Netflix. The conditions are a sign that you should not go outside.

But if you do, be careful out there.

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