Student Poll – Homecoming Dance

By Alissa Roubison | Writer   &   Mac West | Writer

October 23, 2014

On Friday October 11, 2014, San Clemente High School had its 50th Annual Homecoming Dance. Surprisingly, the speakers blew out, there was no food, and no one could go home. Along with several other factors that may have angered the student body, collectively they added up to a night of mediocre entertainment for all.

We were assigned to get to the bottom of how kids were feeling about the below average night of “fun” that they experienced. graph 3

Out of 100 students we talked to, only 24 of them decided that they wouldn’t mind going to the dance a second time. This number was remarkably low, considering over 50 percent of the children polled agreed that the dance was not worth a second visit.

If we are going to be charged these astonishingly high prices for a little bit of entertainment, we should be offered at the very least some decent music. Overplayed pop music and EDM does reach the masses of ignorant music listeners, but instead why not try songs that are more fun to dance to?

The only few highlights of the night included nice decorations and a clever theme. However, sadly, they end there.

Hopefully next homecoming will bring more promising result at a more reasonable cost.

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