Halloween Costumes Reviewed


By Lyzy Adler | Writer   &   Jasmine Martinez | Photograhper

October 30, 2014

Halloween is the one night a year where it is socially acceptable to dress in the craziest things and people will think it is completely normal. Although many people choose to dress in the scariest costumes possible, others prefer to go for a prettier look and mimic fashion icons of the past. Whether it’s a flowy dress like Marilyn Monroe, bear leotard like Miley, or rockin’ the greaser look like Danny and Sandy in Grease, it is the one night where you can dress as anything or anyone that you want to be.

“It’s the one night a year where anything goes!” said senior Jared Labarrie. “I can’t wait!”

In my opinion, Halloween costumes should try to aim to be something unique, instead of being the typical cat or school girl. I like to come up with cute costume ideas that no one else would think of.

“Only guys with good bodies should go shirtless and only girls with no self-esteem should go as a cat, ” junior Hannah Lickley remarked. “It’s that simple.”

“Anything that shows my biceps and abs,” said senior Ryan Redivo. “That’s what makes the perfect Halloween costume.”

With Halloween, there is also always the dilemma where everyone is scrambling around for last minute costume ideas. Looking around your house, you can find many items that will help you make the perfect Halloween costume. You can find cowboy boots and a cowboy hat to be a cowboy, tiara and dress to be a princess, dress in all orange to be a pumpkin, or get a white sheet and be a ghost. But again, in my opinion, the best Halloween costume is always something that strives to be unique.


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