Why Community College Isn’t a Drag

By: Sydney Burns | Writer

April 13, 2018

Dear Struggling Senior,

As college acceptances are received by your peers and you know you’re headed for a community college, don’t lose hope in your “college experience” because things are not always as they seem.

First of all, community college is still COLLEGE, like EDUCATION, with actual WORK.

The Snapchats and the Instagram pictures are just the five seconds of fun that they are having, so don’t think that you are “missing out” on life. The excitement of moving to a new school is a trick! Don’t you remember moving from elementary school to middle school then realizing that it was just more work… and instead of one teacher you got six different teachers and six different classes to do work for… AND PE was actually required?!?

But let’s skip to the positive.

Community college has so many flexible classes and hours, so going to class Monday-Friday is like totally over…well maybe not if you’re like into that.

Number 2, ONLINE CLASSES BABY. The fact that you can actually “go to class” while your laying in bed is beyond amazing. Those four year suckers will be going to 9:00 am classes, just wait.

Something that you might not know about community college is that many of them offer study abroad programs, which include many countries in Europe like Spain, Italy, Ireland, Germany, and England. If you aren’t into European countries, many colleges offer other destinations like Cuba and Brazil. Can you imagine waking up in Rome, studying culture, history, or even art, and traveling around Italy with friends to unknown destinations and endless adventures? Sounds like a pretty good gig if you ask me.

Another great thing about community college is that it is actually affordable. Considering that it is a fraction of the price for a quality education.

And you won’t find yourself sitting in a lecture hall, named after some fancy donor, with 500 other students. Learning in a smaller environment is easier and you will not be inclined to slack off or not show up because the “professor isn’t going to notice when the class is 499 students instead of 500.” – says every student in impacted schools.

While all those other people are paying their student loans for the rest of their lives, or getting guilt-tripped by their rich parents, you can use the money elsewhere. Maybe buy a house some day, a new car, or a trip to the tropics? Smoothie by the pool anyone?

I’ll see you there,


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