How to Prepare for Graduation

2017 Graduates repping money necklaces and leis.

By: Shay Hefft | Sports Editor

May 9, 2018

Over the past four years, we have been awaiting the moment where we throw our caps in the air and receive our diplomas! We have been studying and working to be able to graduate since the first day of our freshman year, and now it is time to actually get ready for the big day.

Every student wants a huge audience cheering them on while they walk down the field on graduation day. Six complimentary tickets are given to each student, and additional tickets can be bought prior to the ceremony day. Deciding who your six tickets will be given to is difficult, but most people give them to immediate family members first. Then, extras could be given to distant family member, friends, coaches, or anyone you want to see you on your big day! Sophomore Natalie De Collibus said, “I loved seeing my older sister graduate 2 years ago and I am excited to see my other sister graduate this year. It means a lot to be able to see them finish such a huge part of their lives.”

2017 Graduates jumping for joy into their new lives!

For girls, the outfit you wear on graduation is important. The dress and shoes must match the color robe you are wearing. For guys, a simple collared button down shirt and pants are the norm. This is a semi-formal event, so don’t under dress! Many students wear leis and necklaces to add to the outfit. These real floral leis can be bought online or in store for affordable prices. Money necklaces are a fun accessory that people make for the graduatess to wear. Whatever is comfortable is really what matters when picking out what to wear, but remember – the photos you take in these outfits are the photos you will look at for the rest of your life!

These few details when you graduate are small, but they are important to make your graduation day memorable. Relax! You have been working hard the past four years. This milestone is huge and well deserved. The next chapter of life is scary, but the preparation San Clemente High School has provided ensures you will succeed! Senior Isabel Schwartz says, “Here’s to us!”

Congratulations and good luck!

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