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The students of Inspire To Be – Tristen Wallace (10), Damian Christiansen (10), Crista lafiguera-Mangahas (9), Malia Craig (9), Akela Craig (9), Brianna Chizhevsky (9)

By: Lauren Stewart | Writer & Photographer

May 18, 2018

One Town, One Team is the mantra at San Clemente High School, and while most relate that to our celebrated football team, it also applies to the strong sense of community built between students and this beloved town. Thanks to the many clubs on campus, Tritons who want to give back can choose to volunteer at beach clean ups, help make blankets for those in need, or raise donations for growing organizations. One club that allows students to participate in multiple projects is Inspire to Be, a service-oriented club that focuses especially on helping the citizens of San Clemente.

One of the presidents and founders of the club, Trinity Rose Acfalle-Carranza, aimed to “bring the students of San Clemente together in order to make the change that they yearn to see in today’s society”  and hopes that Inspire To Be will continue to grow throughout her high school career and beyond.

Inspire To Be’s poster for the annual FAM Thanksgiving food drive

Inspire To Be has volunteered with FAM, or Family Assistance Ministries, to bring food to the underprivileged, and worked with Laura’s House to raise over $4,000 of supplies for them.  As high schoolers, the members of Inspire To Be learned how big of an impact they can make on their community while building lasting bonds between each other. By setting goals and working as a team,  they managed to provide enough food and supplies to help hundreds of people in need.

One of their biggest and most successful projects is Tutorial by Inspire To Be, where members of the club tutor younger students every Saturday for free. By speaking out at elementary schools throughout San Clemente, they furthered their public speaking skills while also giving back to their community in a lasting way. Throughout the year, Tritons dedicated their time to helping to the kids who are the future of our city, making sure to create a youth that is educated and prepared for the future.

Over the course of the year, Inspire To Be has strengthened San Clemente’s community while making friendships that will last a lifetime. Vice president of the club, Zoe Mortensen (10), hopes to continue “helping today’s society in order to make that of tomorrow’s a much happier place” and welcomes any new students who are passionate about volunteering. Visit their website for more information.

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  1. This club has a truly amazing purpose and makes SC a better place. It is cool to see this involvement in our school, especially from freshmen and sophomores!

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