Creative Writing – “Reborn”

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By Zach Allnutt | Developer

November 5, 2014

The time had passed by slowly, my mind sinking deeper into the abyss… The deep… The nothingness of its embrace… I felt, for the first time since I can even remember, the desperation slipping away… and something else… The world before me sliding from my view. A second embrace… my time had come, my eyes growing heavy. I was there, but my mind had finally let go… I was no more…

Time didn’t exist for a moment… what felt like an eternity couldn’t have been more than a few seconds. The abyss had chewed me up and spat something out… something that was almost me… but it was missing something. A part of me that had desperately wanted this all to end, the fighting, the hatred, but that wasn’t what the world wanted. The wants of the many often do that… overpower the few. Then it took hold. The beast had spit me out, not into the void, but into the maw of something that had caused so much of what I hated. The lack of my will made it easier for them, swallowing up the physical, shattering what little remained of the mental. They broke it with burns, both hot and cold, they infested it, charged it with the energy they had. The alterations coalescing into a perfect creature of impurity. The truest form they could ever have created; the only thing they did create. Their lone act of creation, only to watch it fail them. How must it have felt? To watch the energy they put into it, just vanish…

Something brought me back, what was left of me at least. The changes had awoken something that was inside me, waiting. It had wanted out and now it was free. Why had I been saved? Simply a beast in an unresponsive body. What use could my savior have for me?

Then I woke up, such a simple action, after the trauma my body had received, but that’s all it was. My eyes had flickered open, such as I had been awoken by the breeze while napping on a hill. I was not on a hill, however, I was in a dark room. There was only a dim orange lamp, the bulb of which flickered, that sat on a small stand next to where I lay. The door was cracked just enough for the noises in the next room. The voices were to low to hear. While I felt no pain, my arms collapsed whenever I attempted to move them. The darkness came again.

I was in a different place… The light hovering above me hurt my eyes… I lay there for a few moments, completely numb. It changed in less than a second. My body was being ripped apart, cell by cell. Blood was boiling away, I could see steam rising off what was left of me. The pain was only in my head, I knew that, I had managed to keep most of it away, but it was not working anymore. I finally gave in…

My mind had been altered, my body was no longer my own, I was a mixture of a technological plague and the mad experimentation of a shadow. I would never know the reason behind what I am now. I must accept the new rules and limitations of my new body. I had lived through it, the catalyst had set me in motion, but I had completed the task. I was reborn.

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