Top 8 Reasons You Should Visit the San Diego Zoo

By:  Francesca Best, Aubrey Johnston | Media Team

September 13, 2018

The San Diego Zoo is home to over 700 – 650 different species, as well as home to the most-visited botanical garden in the world. Along with being a place of entertainment, the zoo spends every penny they earn on supporting their animals and organizations globally. With so many fun and adventurous things to do at this California zoo, here are the top 8 reasons to visit!

  1. Adorable Animals!  You can see all of your favorite animals from all over the world at the San Diego Zoo. It is home to over 650 different species of animals. You have the opportunity to see different species from around the globe within just an hour drive from San Clemente High School.
  1. To Support the Rescue and Rehabilitation of Animals  The San Diego Zoo is famous for helping animals get back on their paws. They rescue and take in injured animals and provide them with a home similar to their natural environment. The San Diego Zoo is a nonprofit organization as well as a “conversation organization dedicated to not only helping the wildlife here but all over the world,” San Diego Zoo tour guide Tim said.

       3. Saving the Endangered  At the San Diego Zoo, they are committed to preserving wildlife and animals globally. The zoo makes it a mission to help endangered species. For example, when the California Condors made it on the endangered species list, the San Diego Zoo collected the 22 that remained in the wild and mated them. Today, there are over 470 in the wild.

       4. Student Discount  If you show the staff at the ticket booth your student ID, you can get ten percent off of your admission ticket. The normal price of a ticket is $54, but with the extra ten percent taken off, it comes down to $48. It may be pricey, but think of all the endangered animals that are alive because of the community, and because of the people who support the zoo. Every dollar counts!

        5. Fun and Activities for all Ages  The San Diego Zoo is filled with fun for all ages! They have henna tattoo and face painting booths for kids. The zoo also has VIP passes you can buy so you can go behind the scenes and see where the animals get fed. You can even spend the night in the zoo as a family or group!

         6. Knowledgeable Staff  The San Diego Zoo ensures that their staff knows the zoo inside and out. A volunteer at the zoo explained that they put volunteers through “a rigorous training program that lasts for about 3 months,” before they can even become a volunteer. The staff knows almost everything about the hundreds of animals and organizations that are run throughout the zoo.

    7. Acres of Botanical Gardens  The San Diego Zoo is home to “the most visited botanical garden in the United States,” Tim said. A botanical garden is a garden that is committed to the display and collection of many different types of plants. At the zoo, they not only help animals that are fading off the face of the Earth, but they also help plants. The zoo is home to over 700,000 different species of plants.

    8. Conservation of Resources The sea animals at the San Diego Zoo require tons of water to stay alive. Instead of wasting large amounts of water and salt, the zoo transports ocean saltwater from their backyard for their marine life. It works out perfectly for the animals because its the optimal salinity and it saves water. Its a win-win!

The San Diego Zoo values the health of not only their animals, but the environment. If you’re looking for your next weekend trip or mini adventure, visit the zoo and experience, for yourself, the wilderness.












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