Car Chronicles: Hypercars and Coffee

Bambi the dog poses in front of a Roadster.

By: Eva Gardner | Photographer

November 15, 2018

In celebration of Horacio Pagani’s birthday, Pagani Newport Beach hosted Hypercars and Coffee last Saturday, featuring four of the most expensive cars you could ever see in your life. Horacio Pagani celebrated his 63rd birthday on November 10, and the show was held the same day at Lido Marina Village in Newport Beach.

Featuring two Huayra Roadsters and two Huayra BCs, the four cars in the lineup were worth around $10 million all together. Pagani Newport Beach doesn’t usually bring any of the Paganis out of the shop due to liaibility; occasionally, they’ll arrange to bring one car to a specific show, but having four in one place is exclusive and extra special.

Although there were very few cars in the actual lineup, a couple other special features made guest appearances: A red 2018 Ford GT and a yellow Lamborghini Huracán Performante.

However, the Paganis remained the stars of the show as people crowded around in awe of the rare and exotic vehicles.

“I think Paganis are some of the only cars that can double as legitimate works of art,” said car photographer Nathan Craig. “It’s super cool to see this many in one place.”

Additionally, the gull-winged doors of one of the Roadsters were opened, which is kind of a huge deal if you’re a car fanatic. Car doors are rarely opened at shows to prevent damage to the interior. The red leather interior was super chic, drawing in fans of Pagani for a closer look.

“This show is so sick,” said car enthusiast Lucas Dix. “It was worth coming to this show today.”

One of the highlights of the show was the location. Lodo Marina Village is a quaint, outdoors shopping mall featuring quite a few highlight stores, including an exclusive dog store called Charlie and Me. It was the perfect location to host an event for such unique cars.

As one knows, it’s never a true car meet unless there’s a dog, but there were many that showed up to this special edition of Hypercars and Coffee. One feature adorable girl was named Bambi, seen in the article image. Posing for photos was not her forté, but she and her dad, Andrew Ercillo, were still very enthusiastic about the meet.

Overall, this meet was kind of like going into a fancy hotel just to use the bathroom in the lobby: surreal, beautiful, with just a touch of “this is more expensive than everything I own.”

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  1. The phrase “like going into a fancy hotel just to use the bathroom in the lobby” is SO good I’m definitely going to be using that from now on.

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