SCHS seniors’ Super Soaker shenanigans

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Seniors of SCHS are participating in senior assassins, a game that involves eliminating your targeted opponent with a water gun.

By: Gabe Govi | Multimedia

March 15, 2019

This year, 170+ participants set five dollars aside to participate in Senior Assassins 2019. The tradition can bring weeks of anxiety whether you decide to hunt or hide and even offers a hefty grand prize. If you haven’t done the math already, that’s at least $850; 10% of this goes to the third place winner, 20% to second, and the remaining $600 to the sole survivor.

For the past four weeks, seniors have collectively managed 40 ‘kills’ in the competition, which is done by spraying water from a bottle or a squirt gun at your target within certain boundaries. School grounds, moving vehicles, work hours, and inside your house are all safe zones. As one could imagine, an array of complicated and malleable rules follow these but it usually is going to come down to being late for school and getting soaked in your front yard on the way to your car.

In only one more week, on March 22, all participants without a kill will be eliminated. Considering that’s over 75% of the seniors only with one week to live, stakes are high; participants must be on their best game whether they’ve got to chase down a target or lay low.

The identities of the game organizers were requested to remain confidential. “My compadre and I were able to resurrect a tradition that unites all of the seniors on our last year together,” one sentimentally remarked.

Whether you’re motivated by the squirt guns and squad-ups, the thirst for revenge on your peers, you’re broke, or all of the above, senior assassins will be sure to deliver.

*Disclaimer: Senior assassins is not at all affiliated with San Clemente High School’s campus or organizations.

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