Daylight Savings one last time?

The dreary sight of red neon starring back into your sleep-deprived eyes. Daylight savings is here once more, but leaving soon, we hope.

By: Julia Wilson | Sports Editor

March 15, 2019

This past Sunday, March 10, 2019, the clocks sprang forward one hour; leaving some excited for the “lighter-later” idea or upset because it stays darker for longer in the morning. The “loss of an hour” of sleep is one sacrifice made so the sun will set at a later time during the spring and summer months. The daylight savings bill was passed, so, rightfully so, some people are angry that it still exists.

Most recently, in November 2018, California residents began to take action with Proposition 7 to end the daylight savings switch once and for all and create a year round time system or set a specific pattern for the time change. Supporters of Prop. 7 argued that there are some health effects due to changing the time twice a year and that it could increase work production. Those opposed argued that it could create confusion by having a different time than other states in the Pacific Standard Time zone.

“I don’t think it would be a good idea to make it one time year-round”, explained Junior Chloe Kamp, “It would just make things boring and it would make the long summer nights less special”.

Despite the huge amount of debate over this, Prop. 7 was passed on November 6, 2019 with a 59% voting for and 49% against. The bill specifically said that the time would be moved forward by one hour from early March to early November each year during a period called Daylight Saving Time.

When asked her opinion on the time change, senior Katelyn Ostrander explained, “I still don’t understand what Daylight Savings even is, but I like it so much better in the summer when its light at 7:00 p.m so me and my BFF Kirra Schulz can have longer play dates down at the beach.”

As for us down here in San Clemente, the 60 minute time switch does not seem to be too much of an issue. Despite the fact that it looks like the middle of the night for those who wake up before sunrise at 7:01 a.m., the seemingly longer days are very appealing to the beach like culture of the town. Many people enjoy the long daylight during the summer because it allows for longer summer days and more time to hangout at the beach with friends, and are happy to “spring forward” every March.

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