Democratic platform looks shaky heading in to 2020

By: Brayden Young | Chief Political Correspondent

April 19, 2019

Well, we are not even halfway through 2019, but election campaigns are starting right now. In my last article, I spoke about the reasons why Donald Trump would win, and the Democratic Party is going to be a very big reason for his re-election.

Within this piece, I will detail the pros and cons of the Democrat’s platform going into 2019 – keep in mind that everything that is written here is largely my opinion, but I will make sure to give an accurate representation of the highs and lows of the 2020 Democratic hopefuls.


To start off, their main candidate isn’t Donald Trump. Having a leader that isn’t erratic and unpredictable is definitely a step ahead of Republicans. Also, for the first time, there is a real chance to have a woman elected into office. This is a monumental step in the right direction if the Democrats could nominate the right one.

Democrats are on the right side of history when it comes to climate change. Although the plans called upon by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) are completely ludicrous (which we will get into when talking about cons), the science is on their side and it will really sway many people into believing that they are the rational side.

Bernie Sanders is right about calling out corporate greed and the gross wealth of the 1%. His ideas may be a little too radical, but it is completely true that the top 1% of the top 1% are controlling the government and the swamp that inhabits it.

And finally, the wide cast of characters along for the 2020 election is also a momentum booster as it allows for a broader spectrum of candidates that will complement each other with their own strengths and weaknesses.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t list more, its because there wasn’t anything else that really shows the strength of the democratic platform.


The Democrats have slowly become an anti-American party in their crusade to be the polar opposite party of Donald Trump. The Democratic party is now the Anti-Trump party, and it’s hard to see how they could win when they are pushing themselves too far left.

The call to abolish ICE is a complete reversal of beliefs dating back to when Obama was president. The call for open borders despite massive caravans of illegal immigrants that didn’t want to come in legally.

The complete confiscation of firearms (which some of the Democratic candidates have rallied for).

The far left calls for socialism.

The disrespect towards Israel all are signs that many Americans won’t vote for this party.

Another big reason the party is in such a bad position right now is how bad their representatives truly are. AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Bernie Sanders are prime examples of liberals that are media popular but are largely hated for their actions and their nonsensical ideas.

AOC’s Green New Deal flopped along with her constant misunderstanding of key issues (Washington Post video).

Ilhan Omar’s repeated demonization of Israelites and the feud between Dan Crenshaw (along with the help of AOC) over 9/11 “some people did something” debacle is just not the right direction Democrats should be heading.

Bernie Sanders’ ideas of the future are ambitious, but the funding of his proposed ideas are causing him to be seen as a far-left socialist – too far left for many Americans to vote for him.

Finally, identity politics are the key focus of the 2020 Democratic platform. Electing someone who is not the normal straight white male is important for the Democrats in order to stand out against Trump. Finding the polar opposite of the Don is priority number one for the Democrats.


Democrats don’t really have a chance at beating Trump unless they can become the Democrats that they were before, the party of reason and of American values. However, if they stick with the path of the constant anti-American position they appear to represent, President Trump will have no problem debating the craziest of the bunch in the three election debates.

Luckily, the Democrats have the media in their pocket and they can figure out a way to have more Jussie Smollett-type propaganda blasted towards the moderates nearing election.

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