Float-A-Boat sailing to a Triton pool near you!

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A student from last year paddles his cardboard and duct tape vessel across the pool.

By: Gabe Govi | Multimedia

April 19, 2018

The long-awaited, annual opportunity for up to 50 points of extra credit is available for students in any physics course, so long as four of them are up to participate in Float-A-Boat. The object is to design a functioning boat to carry students to the other side of the pool using only plastic bottles, cardboard, and usually a lot of duct tape.

While Float-A-Boat is a race divided into heats, the main goal is staying above the waterline as extra credit points are awarded to all participants as long as the guidelines are followed. Students may work in a group up of four ,as long as their boat can handle it, and all group members must cross the pool except for one person who may stay or board the boat. Additionally, pictures of the students building the vessel are needed for the extra credit. Remember to think of a creative name for the boat and avoid painting or decorate it with ink.

Float-A-Boat and all participants will meet at 3:30 PM on the pool deck on a date to be determined (May 28-31). Students must let their know if they are interested as soon as possible and definitely the week prior to the event. Mr. Young anticipates “smooth sailing this summer” and will be looking forward to as many participants as possible; winners may be offered additional points.

With that incentive, what do students have to lose?

P.S.  Do not forget to make paddles!

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