Elijah Winn – Editor (2019-20)

Elijah Winn is a senior at San Clemente High School with a humble background in the upper middle class of San Clemente. He has lived his life to the fullest, accomplishing the peak athletic potential in his 3 year tenure on the running team by captaining the Frosh Soph team as a Junior. Similarly, Elijah affiliated himself with the brightest and best minds of the world by following them on Instagram. Academically, he has bravely decided to finish his high school career in only four years. Additionally, Elijah can be categorized as a social butterfly and his many accolades ranging from 1996’s ginger of the year and San Clemente High School’s Best Smirk. Some describe Elijah as a fistful of fun and having a vibrant bubbly spirit like Chris Pratt. Elijah continues to excel in after school activities such as going home and playing Minecraft.

Other accolades:

Top ten FBI most wanted

2019’s best newspaper

1776’s greatest founding father

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