Sabrina Spunt – Advertising Manager

Sabrina Spunt is a junior at SCHS entering her first year in the highly acclaimed Triton Times. She has a growing passion for writing, and hopes to improve her skills through working with other journalists. When she’s not at school you can expect to find her chilling with her horse, or sometimes her two chickens (aka Mr. Miller’s chickens).  She occasionally finds time to hang out with her three-four friends, and go to the beach to try and get rid of her haunting farmers tan. Ecstatic about the future, she hopes to have a positive impact on the class and the people in it!

“Sabrina is the best horse rider I know….. but that farmer tan makes me uncomfortable sometimes ngl.”-Faith Haas

“Sabrina is probably one of the most chill people at SCHS..,.even when we get yelled at to leave her

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