Jill Greene – Head Editor (2020-21)


Jill Greene hatched from a volcano-forged egg around 3,000 years ago (as one does). Throughout her four years of human high school, Jill has been involved with SCHS Drama, Cheer, and Link Crew. In her fourth and final year, Jill decided to take Newspaper to foster her love of complaining. Despite her illiterate nature, she hopes to study journalism at Medill at Northwestern University after she gets the heck outta here!!!  Jill Greene is a big, big fan of feeling fabulous, Japanese cuisine, European architecture, tomfoolery, and music your dad probably listens to.  Her special talents include talking too loudly and not knowing how to read a room!

Masks: an American Political Issue

Shanah Tovah! Rosh Hashanah is here once again!

How well do Americans know their own country?

Presidential Debate 3: The Debatening

Put on your Yarmulke, it’s time for Hanukkah

Senior Spotlight: Skylar Ruffner

House Democrats pass bill increasing minimum wage to $15

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Weird Al's Daughter.

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