Top 15 Boys, Top 14 Girls? Homecoming 2019

By: Stolie Erickson |Writer

September 27, 2019

With homecoming around the corner, seniors at San Clemente High School vote for their “Top 15” boys and girls to be in the running for Homecoming King or Queen. After the votes came in, there was a three-way tie between the girls competing the fifteenth spot. Because faculty could not conduct another round of votes in time, they decided to allow 14 girls and 15 boys on the “Top 15” lineup.

Top 14 Girls:

(Left to right, top row) Sophie Smith, Katie Chriss, Julia McNeal, Gabby Reilly, Delaney Shanley, Lillian Amaral, Krysta Hansell, Jewel Craft, Rylee Knapp, Maile Bartow (bottom row) Vivian Worthington, Isabella Davis, Zoey Mahl, Paige Winters.
  • Lillian Amaral
  • Maile Bartow
  • Katie Chriss
  • Juliana (Jewel) Craft
  • Isabella Davis
  • Krysta Hansell
  • Rylee Knapp
  • Zoey Mahl
  • Julia Mcneal
  • Gabrielle (Gabby) Reilly
  • Delaney Shanley
  • Sophia Smith
  • Paige Winters
  • Vivian Worthington

Top 15 Boys:

  • Brady Allen

    (left to right, top row) Makai Haynes, Ty Connelly, Alex Anawalt, Will King, Kainoa Oshiro, Brian Clarke, Spencer Normandin, Brady Allen, Gavin Peterson, Micah Regalado, Ishaan Mody (bottom row) Johnny Bost, London Hannah, Zach Cox
  • Alexander Anawalt
  • John Bost
  • Jackson Clark
  • Brian Clarke
  • Ty Connelly
  • Zachary Cox
  • London Hannah
  • Makai Haynes
  • William King
  • Ishaan Mody
  • Spencer Normandin
  • Kainoa Oshiro
  • Gavin Peterson
  • Micah Regalado

“I was not expecting to get chosen,” senior Gabby Reilly said. “I like to talk to everyone and I just like to make people laugh, but I think the queen should be Rylee Knapp because she deserves it.”

Multiple participants in the Top 15 are invested in making themselves known while some are even campaigning across campus, whether it be through social media or by word of mouth. 

“Being considered for homecoming queen is a big honor…[and winning] would be so fulfilling because I truly love SCHS and try my hardest to be a good role model,” senior Rylee Knapp said. “Anything school related, you bet you’ll see me there.”

With all of the wonderful nominees, it will be difficult for the senior class to decide who would make the best king and queen. Homecoming queen and king will be announced on October 4 at the football game at Thalassa Stadium, make sure to cast your votes!

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