Students surviving under stress while applying to college

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Many students use the Common Application to embark on their college application process (The Common Application)

By: Jane Moran | Writer

September 24, 2019

Applying to college is stressful. If you are a senior in high school, then you are very familiar with the Common Application and other forms of applying. Along with this comes the pressure of perfecting and crafting multiple essays. For the past few months, many SCHS students have been working on applications and, on top of coursework, it is not something they look forward to doing. Throughout high school, students try to get involved in every extracurricular opportunity to essentially ‘bulk up’ their resumes and make them appeal better to admission officers on paper. 

The idea of college is that young adults are taking a step closer to bettering their lives and continuing on their path of education. As the great price that comes with higher education is often griped about, most if not all students will apply for scholarships, grants, and so on. With all of this work and pressure of their plates, students find themselves feeling unmotivated or overwhelmed, not knowing where to begin. Another stress-inducing aspect of college applications is that parents and family friends will constantly throw out the discussion topic of college as a way of making conversation. Most students would rather leave that discussion at school, or not engage in it at all. It’s often just another reminder of the great amount of stress facing college applicants.

San Clemente High School senior Viviana Moiso balances her hefty schedule of extracurriculars, AP classes, and  involvement in musical theatre on the daily. “My top school is UCLA and frankly, it has been stressful considering how much I involve myself,” Moiso said. “I just feel very unmotivated.” That word seems to be a recurring theme throughout all students.

This map represents the colleges perceived to be “most desirable” in each state (College Finder)


On the opposite side of the spectrum, Senior Preston Rex is kicking back and is more than excited to head off to college in Utah at Brigham Young University on a full ride football scholarship. “Of course I am excited!” Preston said. “I’ve bled blue ever since I was a little kid. It has always been my goal to play football at BYU and I made it reality.”

Overall, students should have a balance their senior year and set aside time to figure out how to tackle the application process, but also save time to have fun. Since it is SCHS seniors’ last year in high school, as stated in High School Musical, “this is the last time to get it right… this is the last chance to make our mark.”

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