Creative Writing – “Gift of Creation”


By Rhiana Neidermayer | Writer

February 11, 2015


A form of salvation all in itself, the way it saves some people.

A talent with its roots in the heart of the artist, each as deep as the next.

It allows them all to grow and expand, and claim their own branch on their own tree of life.

No two leaves are ever the same, neither be two artists, and the diversity only intensifies the tree’s natural beauty.

Giving it that depth of life, the kind that you can see, or even feel with your eyes.

The kind that might cut your breathe short, leaving you in awe of its creation.

This world needs art for the same reason a tree needs its leaves.

Diversity, excitement, some people to bend the rules of conformity.

The Earth, and us, it’s people..

We need art, and all forms of it.

We need music.

We need dance.

We need beautiful paintings and hands to sculpt their ideas to life.

We need literature.

We need food. Oh yes, culinary art too.

The list goes on and on,

And every year millions of new artists are born to this world,

Only growing to make their unique mark and be remembered by how truly talented one was.

Each set out to answer the question, ” What can you show us, what is different about you?”

Art is not made for attention, nor for money or for fame.

Those material things and their enthralling ways take away from the point of view and artist should have.

Free-minded, curious, and intrigued by the world’s mysterious beauties.

They create what they know, so that they can learn more about themselves.

And once they learn more, they only want to keep the cycle going.

A healthy addiction it is to draw,

That pen and that paper, oh the infinite distractions! I could do this forever..

“I’ve got to make my mark in this world..” I think as I’m ready to form my next piece.

Keeping open ears, open eyes, and an open mind, my surroundings seem to feed my dream.

It’s all around us…

In nature to the dreams in our sleep.

Phenomenal interconnections that bring so much joy to the naked eye.

A painting that stops you in your tracks, you cant help but to stare at it for when you are, time doesn’t exist.

All that exist are those fine details of that landscape, her emotions that flood over her face, or the abstract colors that seem to brighten up your day.

Rushes of adrenaline, excitement, and pride hit the artist once their creations come to life.

No longer just an idea…

That, I believe, is what makes all the forms of art so extraordinarily thrilling.

The talents and visions one blends together to make and idea REAL.

With their own style and technique, such individuals!

An artists’ mentality? They just want to know all they can, and create, imagine and create for the ones they know will truly appreciate what they’re capable to do.

Personal satisfaction exists in the world of art, it is, after all, an exciting form of salvation.

Oh, the gift of creation.

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