San Clemente’s Area Concert brings together student musicians throughout the city

Band portion of the Area Concert (photo by: Julia Wengier)

By: Julia Wengier | Editor in Chief

February 28, 2020

On Thursday, February 27, San Clemente public schools hosted their joint Area Concert in the San Clemente High School gym. This annual concert features ensembles and orchestras from Vista Del Mar, Bernice Ayer Middle School, Shorecliffs Middle School, Marblehead Elementary School, Truman Benedict Elementary School and San Clemente High School in order to showcase the different musical accomplishments across ages and locations in San Clemente.

The concert is split into two parts: an orchestra concert featuring the SCHS Color Guard and Chamber Orchestra from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., and a band concert featuring the SCHS Jazz Band and Triton Marching Alliance (TMA) from 7:30 to 8:30. By splitting the concert into two concerts dependent on string instruments and wind instruments, middle school students can look up to their high school counterparts, without the concert being long enough to lose anyone’s interest. While the area concert is a chance for the music departments to join together and celebrate achievements over the year, it is also a chance for middle school musicians to see where they will be in high school, and to gain excitement about joining the programs in a couple years.

At the conclusion of the band portion of the concert, the Triton Marching Alliance joined to perform the Fifth Movement of their field show, “Medusa” (photo by: Julia Wengier)

“The area concert is a great experience for the community,” SCHS senior Ana Gallardo said. “It gives the future Tritons a sneak peek to their future music program.”

The Triton Marching Alliance, San Clemente High School’s marching band, performed during the band portion the final movement from their field show entitled “Medusa,” which they played at championships in the fall. Afterwards, they performed pep tunes frequently heard at Triton football games. At the conclusion of each portion of the concert, all student musicians in the room joined forces for one last song, played together. The orchestra students played “Orpheus,” and the band students played “Louis, Louis.”

“This concert is one of my favorites because we get to perform for each other as a big family,” SCHS Instrumental Music Director Mr. Soto said. “Bringing the elementary schools, the middle schools, and all of the high school students in one room gives both the parents and student performs a sense of community.”

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